Dirty Kitchen Pantry

The Perfect Pantry

Ah, the contradictions of life! Did you ever think that at one point a “dirty” or “scullery” kitchen will be a hot design trend? It seems that designers are gravitating toward “dirty, or mess, kitchen pantries” to keep the main, or show, kitchen clean for social gatherings.

While dirty kitchens have been an outdoor mainstay in most Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the concept is just gaining traction in the U.S. These spaces – whether within the home or outdoors – give homeowners the luxury of cooking without odors and grease permeating the showcase kitchen.

“Mess” kitchens/pantries as they are sometimes referred to are secondary kitchens where the real work of food prep, cooking,contradictions  and cleanup is done. Equipped with a sink, dishwasher, refrigeration, cooking appliances and storage space, these spaces are more utilitarian and serviceable.

No pun intended – they do the “dirty” work to maintain the main or “show” kitchen clean and spotless for entertaining.




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