Adam and Beth had already coined their small,

fireplace repainted

Adam and Beth had already coined their small, quiet sitting area the Winter Room, a space where they practice cello and enjoy an afternoon tea and which, at the time of their first meeting with Victoria, looked out onto a row of gingerbread-like snow-capped houses. “That was when we decided each room should have a season,” Victoria says. “So these ideas cross-pollinated: Japanese design, Craftsman ethos, and honoring the spirit of the seasons as a progression through the home.”


“In Minnesota, spring still has a bite to it, and we leaned into that spareness,” Victoria says.

Toward the back of the house is the family room, a sun-drenched spot that screams summer. The citrus wallpaper from Jennifer Shorto reminded Adam and Beth of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, while the reupholstered vintage chair by Georg Thams is a dose of sunshine


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